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our story

Are you ready to create the perfect gift or your own modern keepsake? ready. set. hello. offers a fresh approach to personalized unique gift giving and modern keepsakes. Customized products for moms-to-be, newborns and grandparents. Be hospital ready with the ready. hospital readiness binder ~ say hello with a hello. print ~ warm a grandparents heart with a grow. print.

My Story

My life changed forever in August 2010 in more ways than one. My pride and joy, Jace, arrived healthy and we were happy.

Our life is now complete as we welcomed Tyce into our lives in April 2015. Two boys, twice the fun!

Not too long after Jace's arrival ready. set. hello. became a reality, not just vision.

Introducing Tyce Atticus. Credit: Simon Dealy

Introducing Tyce Atticus. Credit: Simon Dealy

There’s a story, and inspiration, behind each of my three products and they were created as a direct result of my need for something personalized, customized and unique.

Being a stay-at-home mom it’s taken me time to develop these products but, with the encouragement and support from my husband and friends, I am extremely proud of what has been accomplished.

I hope I’ve helped you find a unique gift or modern keepsake and I look forward to working with you.

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The one who started it all - Jace Tiberius. Credit: Christina McPherson Photography

The one who started it all - Jace Tiberius.
Credit: Christina McPherson Photography

What started as something for me to cherish has turned into something I hope others will cherish.
Introducing Tyce Atticus - 6 days old Credit: Christina McPherson Photography

Introducing Tyce Atticus - 6 days old
Credit: Christina McPherson Photography

The Inspirations

I'm ready!

Toward the end of my first pregnancy I assembled a binder in an effort to be organized and prepared for delivery. It proved an invaluable resource, for both my husband and I, and one the nursing staff were adamant I should be selling. Mine did not look as nice as what I’ve since developed but I took their advice. My need to be organized and prepared led to the creation of the ready. Hospital Readiness Binder.

hello. my precious one

After I had my son I wanted nursery décor that was personal to him and that fit my theme and color scheme. I created a canvas a few months later displaying a newborn picture and his birth stats. Since that time I had a number of friends put in orders for framed versions. With their encouragement the customized and personalized hello. print was born.

Pride and joy

My mother-in-law had mentioned that she loved the newborn thumb print charm we had given her after Jace’s birth but how she wished she had something similar for her other grandchildren. It was her wish to commemorate her love for her grandchildren that inspired me to develop the grow. print. Let’s face it, grandparents love their grandkids.